Wedding Photography (Oxford, Reading, Swindon) Marcin Brzezinski, a wedding and portrait photographer based in Oxfordshire   About

My name is Marcin Brzezinski and I’m a wedding and portrait photographer based in Oxfordshire (UK).

My mission is simple – helping you to remember your special moments.

I’m passionate about portrait and wedding photography. I love weddings, as it’s a special day that thanges ones life for ever.

I started taking pictures back more than ten years ago. For a long time I shot with a compact camera, I mastered the camera settings and composition skills this way. 6 years ago I decided to take photography more seriously and purchased my first “real’ camera, a Canon DSLR. It enabled me to farmiliarise myself with a wide variety of photographic subjects, from landscapes, plane spotting, travel, family, to portraits and weddings.

I really believe that to be a better photographer you need to take pictures. A lot of them. Throughout the years I took more than 150,000 pictures, most of which were taken in the last five years.

Subsequently I discovered my passion for family portrait and wedding photography and decided to focus solely on these kinds of photography.

My photography style is friendly, unobtrusive, creative, natural and vibrant.

You can be sure that you can trust me with taking pictures of your special day, as I’m using:

  • backup cameras
  • backup lenses
  • 2 on site and 1 off site backup for your pictures

I’m based in Didcot in Oxfordshire, the areas I cover for  wedding photography are:  Oxford, Swindon and Reading and respective counties.

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